Make Regular Dog Grooming A Habit In 2017

Dog grooming in edmond

Your dog is family, and naturally we take care of our family members. Grooming your dog and taking care of him is essential. With the help of professionals, you can ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy. Professional dog grooming in Edmond, Oklahoma is growing in demand. This is the perfect service to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy as well as promote psychological wellbeing. Here are some key benefits of keeping your dog well-groomed.

Promote Healthy Habits

Cleaning your pet’s coat regularly keeps his fur and skin healthy and also reduces allergens. Dirt, debris, dead skin cells and shedding hair can accumulate in a dog’s coat, causing matting and tension. It can also inhibit air circulation within the fur coat leading to overheating especially during Oklahoma’s hot summers. Brushing, scrubbing and blow drying the coat of the pet removes the dead skin cells and loose hair. Dog grooming experts in Edmond are experienced in providing this service for a variety of breeds and fur types.

Control Shedding

Seasonal shedding is a healthy, normal process for many dog breeds. However, with improper brushing and grooming, the shed hair can end up all over your house and increase airborne allergens. During the shedding season, grooming is essential to remove excess hair and assist the shedding process and keep the skin healthy. Moreover, some shedding is not normal and may be a sign of skin inflammation or clogged pores. Regularly grooming keeps the roots free of debris.

Make Playtime Better

When your pet is nice and clean, cuddling and playing are all the more enjoyable. For the humans in the house, a clean coat on your dog reduces allergens and the smells of dirty dog fur. For your dog, a clean coat is more comfortable and breathable, freeing him to think of other things like having fun!

Make your dog look good

Dog standWhile your dog may not be too concerned about appearance, we take pride in having clean, healthy-looking dogs. It shows other dog owners how much you care. Choose a day care for pets which provide grooming services too, and you can save yourself the extra work of cleaning your pet every time you come back from a trip. The fresh look of the pet from a proper grooming session ensure that your pet is perfectly fine in terms of health and also is rejuvenated by their grooming.