Pet Tips

Join Soon Before It Is Over

You have a chance to win One Year Giveaway if you refer Puppy Paws to your friend. The event is called “Refer-A-Friend Drawing.” The winner will be announced on January 31st. The winner will enjoy free services for one year. For the winner announcement, follow our Facebook page. We will come with a Facebook live […]

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Winter Safety For Your Dog

When the cold outside makes you uncomfortable, your pet dog will also feel the same way. Therefore, it is imperative to protect the pet giving it winter clothes to keep it warm. Bring shoes for it to protect paws. Avoid visiting salted areas, if you visit make sure your pet is wearing booties. You must […]

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How to Help Your Dog Become More Social

According to behavioral characteristics, all human beings are unique and so are your dogs. Depending on the breed, the spontaneous dog nature is mainly decided. This is the reason why some dogs are friendly and others are timid and shy. However, besides the characteristics, the personality of the dog is influenced by the surroundings and […]

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