Safety Tips for Dogs in Beaches

dog beaches

Summer is certainly the best time to hit the beach. If you are thinking where to keep your dog while you are enjoying at the beach, the good news is you won’t have to leave him at home. You can let your dog soak his paws in the warm water or play with the beach ball while you take a relaxing sun bathe. There are few safety measures that you need to take while your dog is playing at the beach.

1. Take care of those paws:

Be a little aware of the broken things lying here and there on the beach. A piece of broken bottle or hard pebbles might hurt the paws of your dog.

2.Check the waves or current warnings before letting your dog in:

Some dogs love to swim, but the beach can be unpredictable. Large waves or undercurrents can be dangerous.

3.Safety vest: Make your dog wears a life vest.

If he gets pulled too far from shore the life vest will keep his head up during the rescue.

4.Sunburn is not just a human problem:

if he spends long hours under the sun, a dog’s nose, ears and other areas covered by light or short hair may burn. Dog sunscreens are easily available at any pet store.

5.Avoid dehydration:

Dehydration is very common in dogs, under the heat of the sun, your dog will need lots of water. Don’t forget to carry water and a bowl for the four legged members of your family.

6.Don’t let him roam:

Beaches are often new territory, unfamiliar to your dog. It’s important not to let him get too far, but a leash might be too restricting. A good option is the long type of leash anchored in the ground by a large corkscrew.

7.The most challenging task:

You might get way too happy looking at your dog playing in the beach. Give him a good bath after you return home, as all the salt and sand can be irritating for your dog’s skin.

With the right precautions, you and your dog can have a great time at the beach!