Play + Train

PLAY + TRAIN provides the same professional training as our STAY + PLAY + TRAIN program – without boarding. This program is available to any student that completes one week of STAY + PLAY + TRAIN.

This is a perfect option for pet parents that want their dog to come home at the end of each day. Think of it as school for your dog!

Training Services Included

  • Daycare
  • Week 1: Sit, down, come when called, loose leash walking. Customization available.
  • Week 2: Increased distractions & advanced obedience.
  • Daily training curriculum, report cards and notes.
  • Access to the enrichment center: doggie treadmill, agility course & stability exercises.
  • Proper socialization supervised by an academy trainer.
  • Private follow up session with a certified trainer at Puppy Paws or a video tutorial explaining everything your pup has learned
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