Private Training

Available in-home and at Puppy Paws Academy, our one-on-one education program is designed for families and dog owners that have specific needs. You’ll be working one-on-one with a Puppy Paws Academy Trainer.

This is a great option for pup parents that want to get their dog off on the right paw before socialization classes. It’s also a great way to prevent or curb unwanted behaviors such as biting, chewing and fear/anxiety issues.

Other topics include potty training, basic and advanced obedience, come when called, leash manners, and child/dog relations. This is also a great option to prepare for a new dog or human baby!

All private trainings are 60 minutes.

Options include:

  • Puppy Paws Training Academy sessions
  • In-Home private sessions
  • Package of three sessions
  • Package of six sessions

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Pink drawing of a dog sitting.