The Scottsdale Bandana


Saguaro cactus enthusiastically ushers you into this posh desert oasis. Sink deeply into a luxurious lounger perfectly positioned near a pool of turquoise water and feel the warmth of the eternal sun as it swaddles you into restful bliss. A cool breeze cascades over the area, daylight slips away as the sun descends gently behind the mountains. Breathtakingly beautiful panoramic vistas anchor the sky. Desert redefined, bespoke extravagance poised to indulge your every whimsy, you need only ask. The envy of others, this fabulous resort locale will beguile you with her playful mystique and leave her song forever in your head.

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The Scottsdale Bandana: The Scottsdale collection features a classic charcoal stripe for a clean, timeless look. The Scottsdale Bandana features a scarlet red stitching that adds a dramatic pop of color and bold style. A piece from the highly sought-after Foggy Dog brand, each is unique so colors and patterns may vary.

CARE: Machine wash cold delicate cycle, air dry flat.

Sizing: To ensure the perfect fit, use a soft tape measure around your dog’s neck (pulling snug but not tight) allowing 2 fingers of space between the bandana and the dog’s neck. Reference the bandana size chart below; when in doubt size up.

Neck Circumference:
Small – up to 13”
Medium – up to 18”
Large – up to 22”