Special Care for Your Aggressive Dog: Dog Boarding


Many dog owners feel that their furry friend with paws and a wagging tail is much better company than other humans. The friendship of a dog has become a proverb used as the best example of unconditional love. It’s a treat to watch a pet grow like your child. Cuddling, petting, playing and sharing every feeling with them is much more relaxing than anything else.

However, exceptions happen. Some dogs show signs of aggression rather than affection, whether due to a shy personality or an abusive past. Connecting with an aggressive dog can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst. One solution you can try is dog boarding in Oklahoma.

First, you should know the various reasons to opt for dog boarding. These facilities will take care of your dog when you’re out of town, you are unavailable to take care of your dog, or even when you need your dog to learn basic good behaviors. The first two points are understandable, but the last one needs a bit more explanation.

Handling an Aggressive Dog

If you are reading this article, you likely have an aggressive dog. Before making any drastic decisions like abandoning the dog at a shelter, remember that it has no one in the world right now other than you. Handling an aggressive dog can be difficult, but it is not impossible. With the right tools and know-how, you can overcome the hurdles to connect with your beloved pet.


First, understand the reason behind your dog’s aggression. Is it a specific person? Is it another animal? Or is it about its food and sleeping area? The sooner you find out the reason, the faster you can solve the aggression problem. There are several types of aggression. Before proceeding further with details about dog boarding in Oklahoma, you need to know about these types, which will help you understand the reasons behind the aggression.

  • When a dog is afraid of something or someone, it can become aggressive.
  • A dog that feels trapped may act aggressively.
  • If your dog is frustrated, it can vent through anger and aggression.
  • Take a close look. Is your dog in pain? This can make it aggressive.
  • If your dog is confused, it make express this bewilderment through aggression.
  • Your dog may aggressively try to protect its possessions if it things someone is trying to take them away.
  • If your dog is protective of you or your family, it may act violently toward strangers.
  • A dog may consider itself the pack leader and show its dominance over you or your family through aggression.
  • If someone interferes when a dog is acting aggressively, the dog may attack the interfering person.
  • A dog may act violently toward anyone they view as an intruder in their territory, such as their kennel.
  • A female dog in heat may act aggressively toward other females, and an un-neutered male may act aggressively if near a female in heat.

Whatever the reason, aggression may lead your dog to attack a person, other dogs or other animals by growling, standing rigidly, showing teeth and biting. Taking your dog to a facility that offers training and dog boarding in Oklahoma may help your furry friend become less aggressive and more friendly.

No dog breed is bad; it all depends on the training. If your child is disobedient and stubborn, would you take him or her to a boarding school or abandon your child forever? Dogs are also your family. They need attention, proper understanding and love to overcome the difficulties they have.