The Surprising Benefits of Massage for Your Dog

Benefits of Massage for Your Dog

For generations, dogs have proven themselves to be man’s best friend. Classic stories like “Old Yeller” and “Where the Red Fern Grows” leave no dry eye. Such a loyal and delightful friend as a dog demands care and dedication to the owner’s responsibilities. Edmond, Oklahoma has a rich history of dog grooming parlors. Experts opine that dog owners should take good care of its nutritional requirements as well as follow best grooming practices. It may sound odd, but massage for your dog could be an important addition to your dog grooming routine.

The Advantages of Dog Massage

There are several therapeutic advantages of administering massages to your dog, just as there are for humans. Dogs love to be petted and have their bellies rubbed, because it helps with circulation and releases endorphins that make them feel happy. For a proper massage, however, it’s better to trust a professional to show you how or do it for you. A vet’s advice will also surely be of value. Remember, just as in humans, improper massage techniques can do more harm than good; but a quality massage for your dog will:

  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • Improve immunity and nervous system response;
  • Assist digestion and elimination of toxins;
  • Improve the quality of sleep, especially in older dogs;
  • Increase flexibility and agility for play;
  • Reduce veterinarian expenses with better health and lower chance of injury;
  • Induce relaxation and an improved mood;
  • Reduce pain after recovery from an injury;
  • Encourage natural skin oils to moisturize, though products like Bio-Oil will also provide benefits.

No doubt there are many advantages of a dog massage, but like all preventative and health maintenance techniques, massage should not replace the qualified care of a vet in case of injury or illness.

As dog grooming care in Edmond is a rapidly developing service sector, advice has been taken from experts working in the field who offer dog massages for their clients.


This kind of massage involves applying pressure in circular motions. It works wonders for improving blood circulation and recovery time for sore muscles.


Kneading is an effective process to stimulate the hair coat, skin and muscle fibers of your dog. The technique involves applying linear pressure to the dog’s skin in the direction the hair grows.