Tips to Make Your Dog Comfortable with Dog Boarding Idea

dog comfort

While you are busy the entire day it can be problematic for your dog to stay alone in the home. This is the reason why people in Oklahoma mostly prefer the boarding facility for dogs where they can stay the entire day with the other dogs and enjoy its time until you come from a vacation or office and take it back.

But, people in OKC shared that sometimes the dogs do not take the boarding facility very easily. They get anxious to cope with a new environment all of a sudden. As dogs have a dependency on its parent and it is natural that they feel tensed while staying for a long day in some other places. Well, there are ways to make your dog comfortable with the idea.

  • Introduce your dog to the kennel system. Staying in the kennel needs to be habituated as it is a new thing for the dog too. Don’t force the dog to stay in the kennel. Try to reward them with treats and compliments if they spend time in the kennels. Keep the kennels’ door opened at first for making your dog tension-free. Keep their favorite toys over there to schedule a time every day for staying in the kennel.
  • Do not take your dog to the boarding on the first day and leave it there for the entire day. Take it to the boarding often and let them stay there for a few moments, minutes and then hours. Give it the required time to get habituated with it. Once it realizes how fun the boarding facility is, you will not have to put any effort.
  • Be choosy while choosing the boarding. It has to be of fun. The boarding should have fun activities for the dogs under supervision so that they can enjoy their time and don’t feel despised.
  • If you have more than one dog, it is great. It is a bad idea to split them up. Hence, find the boarding facility where you can keep your dogs together. The bonding would help them get accustomed easily.
  • Often, dogs do not want to eat other foods provided in the boarding. Bring their own so that they can get a homely feel. It is also good as the food you have for your dog is nutritionally perfect according to diet.
  • Their toys should be there with them. This will help them adapt to the transition.
  • If a boarding service worked well for you before, don’t change it next time. The same environment is easier for the dog to get accustomed with.

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