Top 3 Reasons to Send Your Pet to A Dog Daycare

We love our dogs with all our heart and provide them with the best care, including a comfortable spot in our homes, the best food to keep them healthy, and regular visits to the vet to be sure they’re in top shape. As more and more households have embraced the pet-loving lifestyle, the “good boy” and “good girl” in many families get all the love they need from their humans.

But the secret to keeping them truly happy and healthy is for them to leave the house once in a while, play outside, and just be the dogs that they are!

Sending your pooch to a dog daycare is something that many pet parents have been doing for years. Here are three of the best reasons why a doggie daycare can be beneficial for you and your dog:

1. A dog daycare promotes socialization.

Sometimes, we forget that our pets also need to socialize with their kind. While we love and care for them like family (and they appreciate it), nothing replaces the fun and excitement that comes with socializing with other dogs. Many even end up finding a daycare best friend!

2. It’s the best venue for exercise.

Our dogs love spending their days just relaxing and being with us at home. Just like their humans, however, our four-legged family members need to exercise to be healthy. Walking your dog is a great idea, but with fellow dogs in a dog daycare, they get to run around to their heart’s content, so they play and get their exercise at the same time. This is most true for high-energy dog breeds.

3. Dog daycares are the busy pet parent’s best friend.

Do you sometimes feel guilty about having to leave your dog at home because of work and other commitments? Can you sense how bored they get as they wait for you to be home each day? A dog daycare offers a range of services to keep your dog loved, pampered, and entertained while you’re away.

It goes without saying that dogs naturally love being with other pooches (or other humans), but there could be reasons not to send them to daycare. This is true for low-key dogs who get anxious over other over-excited canines or become uncomfortable with other humans. Give your dogs the daily dose of exercise by walking them, and have them socialize with others only if they’re comfortable.

On the other hand, if you believe that your beloved pet will be happier in a dog daycare, find one that is staffed by well-trained and compassionate individuals who love dogs like family. Whether the facility sets play times or allows the dogs run around in an adequate space, it is important that it gives all of the pooches the opportunity to meet other dogs, exercise, and just be happy around their kind.

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