Your Pet Shouldn’t Stay Alone at Home – Why?

puppy sad home

It is most likely for most of the people to be in a work daily work schedule. It is imperative to maintain for the sake of a healthy and prosperous living. If you and your spouse both go for work and your children spend their time at daycare and there is none else in the house, your pet should not be the one to stay there. If you are stepping out for two to three hours or so, you can keep him at your home. But if you have to spend the most of the day or more, you should think of some alternative to handle this situation. It is very obvious that you will keep its toys, food, water and everything needed near, but it will miss you. Pets especially the dogs are social animals and the feeling of loneliness make them bored and depressed. This can be really dangerous for their physical and mental health. This is where the need of dog boarding in Edmond, OK, lies.

The situation can be as bad as the below-mentioned ones if you leave your pet for most of the time of a day or more than that:

  • After spilling the water, your pet wouldn’t get anyone to refill the water bowl and it may have to stay without water.
  • For the lack of interaction, it may bark continuously or fall sick.
  • The separation anxiety may get into his brain.
  • For boredom, it can do something very unusual, destroy your belongings and forget the domestic training even.
  • Pet can try running away and hurt itself to find its owner or make itself safe from thunderstorm and fireworks.

What you can expect in the dog boarding are:

  1. Spacious and private indoor and outdoor kennels.
  2. The areas are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Availability of fresh water.
  4. Quality food.
  5. Climate-control feature along with fresh air circulation.
  6. Regular exercise and play time.
  7. Social interaction with other dogs to make it cheerful and active.
  8. Grooming facility including bath.

Therefore, if you want your dog to be happy and healthy as a whole, you can call Puppy Paws Salon & Spa, a reputed dog boarding center in Edmond, OK, where the dogs are given all the facilities so that they wouldn’t feel lonely and depressed.