Transparent background with white paw print drawings.
Transparent background with white paw print drawings.
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Puppy Paws Boutique features all the best dog products and accessories your pup will love from collars, bandanas, beds and more. Check out our debut series of trendy accessories inspired by breathtaking travel destinations in the Desert Southwest!

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NEW Sleigh Ride

The Sleigh Ride Seasonal Collection

The air is cool and crisp laced with the smell of evergreen. A fresh blanket of snow sparkles beneath the evening moonlight as you stroll down a wooded trail. Off in the distance a red sleigh awaits. You step aboard, running your hands over the antique wooden rails as you lift yourself into the coach. You lower yourself down onto the plush, green velvet bench and pull the red and black checkered blanket across your lap. You lift a cup of hot cocoa to your lips; the steam gently tickles your nose as you sip. You breathe deeply, allowing the moment to fall over you. And with the flick of a leather strap, sleigh bells ring to life.

The Scottsdale

Saguaro cactus enthusiastically ushers you into this posh desert oasis. Sink deeply into a luxurious lounger perfectly positioned near a pool of turquoise water and feel the warmth of the eternal sun as it swaddles you into restful bliss. A cool breeze cascades over the area, daylight slips away as the sun descends gently behind the mountains. Breathtakingly beautiful panoramic vistas anchor the sky. Desert redefined, bespoke extravagance poised to indulge your every whimsy, you need only ask. The envy of others, this fabulous resort locale will beguile you with her playful mystique and leave her song forever in your head.

the sedona

The Sedona

Sunsets too intoxicating to capture with only words, you feel it with all of your being. Dramatic pinks and purples paint the sky above the glowing rust-colored buttes. You stand surrounded by the majestic rock formations, breathe deeply and absorb the energy confined within them. Overcome with gratitude and wonder, you close your eyes and allow yourself to be overtaken.

The Moab

Other worldly, your feet sink into the soft sand and it looks like you’ve landed on Mars. A terrain scattered with carrot-colored plateaus and cliffs as far as the eye can see. Fields of petrified sand dunes undaunted by the harshness of the environment reveal a glimpse of prehistoric past. Columns of balanced rocks seem to defy gravity as the sunlight playfully dances around the curves of the delicate arches towering above the earth. This thrill seekers playground dares you to explore all that’s hidden within.

Autumn Santa Fe Bandana 1_Puppy Paws Boutique

The Santa Fe

Hidden within the mountains, creativity, art and culture converge to form a majestic symmetry both tranquil and energetic. Native American influence and design emanate from the monochromatic backdrop of the pueblo style architecture; earth-colored brick structures world renown for their beautiful composition. Chile ristras stand watch outside the doors of those who call this place home. A destination for artisans to display their craftsmanship, art flows through the city like a melody that playfully saunters through the air. A city that generously inspires all who wander within her borders.

The Palm Springs

Mid century modern architecture guides you back to old Hollywood glam in this desert respite. Palm trees gently sway to the rhythm of the cool morning breeze. Brick walls serve as the canvas for large scale, brightly colored murals. Trees dotted with pops of orange and hedges of fuchsia flowers line the streets while agave and saguaro provide a soothing contrast from the abundance of color. As you settle in you realize this place is more than just a destination, it’s a lifestyle.

The Mojave

Its expanse positioned among several states, home to both desert and oasis alike. The famed Joshua Tree claims its exclusive residency within its boundaries. Mountain peaks and flatlands define its topography, deep red and bright orange rock formations provide aesthetic contrast from the soft brown sand and spiny desert plants. Choose your adventure: a thrill seekers paradise, a luxurious resort respite, a walkabout beneath a thick blanket of stars, an arduous climb through mountains. Its disposition is luxurious and puzzling, complicated and blissful, dreamy and relentless. It’s iconic, untamed, refined, menacing…it’s Mojave.

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