Academy Dog Grooming Solutions- In House

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TimelineLevelSkill Learned
Week 1 and
Week 2
Bath Tech
Level 1
Curriculum, Drying, Notes/Operations, Teeth Brushing, Time Goals/Timer, HousekeepingEquipment-Tub and Dryer, WIW -Checklist, Wash/ Rinse/Glands, and Communications.
Week 3 and
Week 4
Bath Tech
Level 2
Work In  
Curriculum, Notes/Operations, Time Goals/Timer, Equipment – Brush and Combs, Nails – Clip/Dremel and Ears, Matting Guidelines, Quality Guidelines, WIW-Checklist, and  Communications.
Week 5 and
Week 6
 Spa Tech Apprentice
Level 1
B & T
Curriculum,  Notes/Operations,  Time Goals/Timer, Equipment -Clippers/Scissors, Cut Style Overview, Bows/Bandanas, Perfume, Pads, Potty Trail/Booty, Scooping Scissors, WIW -Checklist, and Communications.  
Week 7 and
Week 8
Spa Tech Apprentice
Level 1
Curriculum, Notes/Operations,  Time Goals/Timer, Equipment – Lift Combs, Cut Style Overview, Back Cuts – Back Only, Feet Pads, WIW -Checklist, and  Communications.
Week 9 and
Week 10
Spa Tech Apprentice
Level 2
Curriculum, Notes/Operations,  Time Goals/Timer, Equipment – Scissorsm Cut Style Overview, Lift Comb – Full Body, Back Cuts – Full Body, WIW -Checklist, and Communications.
Week 11 and
Week 12
Spa Tech Apprentice
Level 3
Curriculum,  Notes/Operations, Time Goals/Timer, Equipment – Scissors, Style Completion, Scissor Faces, Scissor Finishes, Quota Goals, CompleteHousekeeping, WIW -Checklist Communications