Socialization & Foundations

Our Socialization & Foundations training program is a great option for dogs that need additional, supervised socialization with smaller crowds.

Training for Fearful or Anxious Dogs

In order to slowly introduce fearful or anxious dogs in a positive way, a smaller and more controlled environment is needed. Your dog will also receive a foundation of basic obedience commands reinforced during their personalized time:

  • Come when called
  • Loose leash walking

What’s Included

  • Includes daycare.
  • Daily training curriculum with a certified trainer.
  • Daily report cards.
  • Access to enrichment center: doggie treadmill, agility course & stability exercises.
  • Multi week discounts available.

Customization is available and includes a private follow up session with a certified trainer at Puppy Paws or a video tutorial explaining everything your pup has learned and easy to follow steps to replicate it at home.

In this 4 week program, we focus on the socialization aspects of training, guiding your pup on how to co-exist and interact with both other dogs and new people. We fully engulf your dog in the process, correcting their social behavior in a safe, supervised, and loving environment. This program is a minimum of 4 weeks — the time frame we have found that our students most commonly start to turn a corner and make great progress. However, all dogs hold different personalities and backgrounds, and some may respond quicker than others. We cannot guarantee your pup will be actively playing with or greeting every new dog or person they meet, but we always strive to work towards that goal. Additional weeks may be optional upon assessment of your dog and the rate of their improvement.

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