5 Common Dog Grooming Mistakes Edmond Pet Owners Should Avoid


The well-being of your dog depends on regular grooming, an integral aspect of pet ownership. Professional dog groomers in Edmond take care to educate dog owners in the area about common grooming mistakes and how to avoid these errors. The fur of your dog is challenging to tame, and most of the common mistakes in the grooming process are to be blamed for that.

This challenge can always be overcome with faith in the growing number of professional dog groomers in Edmond. However, if you do not take your dog to a professional, it is good to be familiar with common grooming errors so as to avoid them. Grooming sessions are a crucial part of bonding between dog and owner. So, your ultimate aim should be to make the session perfect, without any glitch that could cause physical or emotional damage to your dog and cause it to lose confidence in you.

Grooming your dog by yourself at home demands patience and the correct grooming equipment. Here are the five most frequent mistakes that owners make when they groom their furry friend:

Avoid Giving Frequent Baths

Both the coat and the skin naturally secrete oils. If you bathe your dog too often, you’ll only dry out its skin, causing unnecessary irritation. Thus, the ideal frequency for bathing your dog is once every three to four weeks.

Be Cautious While Washing the Face

When you start washing your dog’s face, do so with great care. If by chance the water gets into the eyes, nose or even ears, it might lead to infection, or at least pain. It may startle you to know that even a very little trace of water inside a dog’s ear can become a home for bacteria. So, it is best to use a damp cloth instead of pouring water on your dog’s face.

Rinse Thoroughly

Dogs generally have thick, long layers of fur. Therefore, proper and thorough rinsing are essential. A quick rinse will never penetrate the layers of fur to rinse out all of the soap, thus resulting in skin problems.

Coat Shaving is a Heavy Mistake

No matter what good intentions you may have in shaving your dog’s coat, remember that the coat acts as a shield. Seasonal shaving makes your dog more prone to skin cancer as an advanced result of skin burns. Similarly, they may overheat as the body’s ability to regulate the internal temperature decreases.

Brush Your Dog’s Fur Before a Bath

It is ideal to brush your dog’s coat before you bath it. This helps to break up the dirt. You must avoid brushing wet fur, as this makes it prone to easy breakage and causes unnecessary tangles.