6 Things Dog Groomers in Edmond Wished Owners Knew

dog grooming

Hiring a professional dog groomer is the smartest thing to do when you are too busy to groom your dog yourself or simply don’t know how. Even though you seek the skills of an expert, what you do as your dog’s owner can matter a lot. Here is some advice from an Edmond dog groomer for owners:

  1. Get your dog used to grooming early: Grooming involves close contact with the dog’s face, paws, and behind which are naturally very sensitive areas. If a dog is more than a couple years old before a first grooming, it may always put up a fight. Though the first grooming session might go as well as for human babies, puppies are more likely to accept grooming with practice.
  2. Groom regularly: Grooming every 4 to 6 weeks keeps your dog acclimated to the process and prevents any serious matting or hygiene problems. Generally speaking, grooming is maintenance; not a cure for negligent dog ownership.
  3. Use basic at-home grooming practices: Regular brushing to removed clumps pf shedding hair is a daily necessity for dogs that shed. For dogs with fine or curly hair, brushing prevents matting, knots and debris from sticking to the coat. Regularly cleaning between toe-pads can prevent dryness and even dirt clumps or stickers from causing discomfort. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly will keep their teeth healthy.
  4. Provide specific instructions: Grooming ends up with a cut and style. If you have something in mind, be specific and use example photos if you have something to show. Some styles are extremely difficult, so be open to compromises with your groomer unless of course you’re paying for a boutique LA dog stylist.
  5. Keep calm and carry on: Be cool when you are leaving your dog with the groomer. Dogs are very empathic and can read human emotion. It’s easy to pass on your anxiety to your dog, but darn near impossible to work with them afterward. In the hands of a pro, your dog will be just fine. Walk out like it’s no big deal and give your dog lots of love when you pick them up.
  6. Follow the instructions of your groomer: Most of the dog groomers in Edmond complain that not all dog owners follow their instructions. Please remember that the groomers are well-trained to do the best for your pets, so trust them when they offer advice.