Common Dog Grooming Fails And How You Can Avoid Them

dog groom

Dog owners know the hazards and challenges of grooming their dogs. As much as one may love his or her pet, this is an obvious part of pet ownership. Dog grooming need not be painful, and in Oklahoma City, there are plenty of experts to help you.

Let us discuss the situations and how to deal with them.

Dirty dogs:

Those ever happy ones jump on any and every puddle and get themselves dirty. You can never make them free of dirt, so repeating the shampoo session becomes a continuous process.

Tangled forever:

When your dog has matted hair, you know you can never straighten it, so try and comb it forever, until you are feeling dog tired.

Stick out hair:

You know that your dog has not been electrified, and yet all it’s hair puffs straight up, because that is how his hairs are.

Messy hair:

Your dog has something stuck to its fur, matting it, tangling, and it is proof that it had gone somewhere, or done something which it should not have done or gone. The maple syrup, the jam or the gum, anything it can be, which makes the fur sticky and dirty.

Bald ones:

A bald dog might be in need of some medical attention or it might just be in his genes; either way there’s no need to pay for its grooming – just sweaters around wintertime.

Bichon Frizzy:

When your toy dog has all its fur frizzy and not fluffy, it is the time for you to untangle it with shampoo, conditioner and a brush.

Blowouts turn wrong:

Blow driers can make your dog look furrier and fluffier than normal, but when overdone, it becomes over fried and frizzy fur. Not the best look…or smell.

Double coated fur:

Some dogs just have too much fur, so much that it’s tail looks like a duster. But instead of picking up debris, it just sheds everywhere.

With pigtails:

When your dog has long haired ears, you can make cute  little pigtails! Just think twice before taking it out in public like that.

Dog grooming on your own:

If you try to style your dog’s hair with kitchen scissors, it’ll probably end up looking ridiculous. There are quite a few centers for dog grooming in Oklahoma City, so call for professional service to treat your dog. You can visit them in person, or get tips from the experts.

Some more tips:

  • If you can arrange the grooming session at your house, it will be best suited for your dog, as the atmosphere is known to it and it will not feel threatened. Also it will help the groomer to handle your dog in a better way.
  • Brush and comb the hair of your dog on a daily basis, so it gets used to the routine, also use this session as a bonding time between you two.
  • Dogs need to be maintained on a daily basis, and not once in six months or a year. Remember, it’s a dog, not a car.
  • If you have mastered the skill of clipping your dog’s hair, may be through a crash course or professional training, then try it at home. But one tip from an expert: do not start from the tail, rather start from the head and gradually proceed to the back.