Dog Play Styles: The Favorites of a Dog

dog play

Keeping your dog active is one of the crucial things you can do for it. Its physical and mental well-being depends on the activities a lot. Regardless of age and breed, the dogs love to be involved in the activities. Dogs are cheerful animals and they love to play rather than sitting idle and sleep. If you don’t get that adequate time to play with them, you can take them to the dog boarding home in Oklahoma to spend a few hours of the day being active and delightful.

There are several types of activities you can choose for your dog. Those can vary with the puppies and the full-grown dogs. People say that the different breed of dogs, especially the large breeds and the small breeds should not be left together to play. But, this is a myth. The small dogs and the larger ones often become friends with each other and enjoy a lot playing together.

There are some common styles that the dogs love to play. You may find it weird, but it will be enjoyable for the dogs. Here are some of those.


They are not directly involved in the game, but they just want to be involved. If you are playing a game with your family, they will run around and bark and jump and here lies their enjoyment. The dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes it in their dog play. They let the dogs run around and just enjoy being there. It nourishes their mind and body.


Sometimes they just like to slam themselves into the others. Others may be into something else, but they like to rotate their body in a circle and slam into others. This self-explanatory activity makes them happy and helps to get a healthy body and mind.


It is a common style of the dogs to get on the top of one another. Generally, people or the other dogs are chosen as their partner in this play style with whom they are close to. They just roll over, slam and get on the top of each other. It insists more body contact and this friendly wrestling is essential for exercise and making them cheered up.

Tug of War

Holding something by teeth and pulling it while the other end is in a human’s hand or other playmate’s teeth is one of the favorite games of the dogs. They enjoy this one a lot. They can grab anything for that, so the dog boarding home in Oklahoma keeps tug toys for this purpose.

The ‘Go and Fetch’

It is the most common trick for every dog to train them and make them happy as well. It can be any toy or ball that is thrown, and they are asked to collect that. It improves the dog’s investigation skills. Along with this, the dog boarding home in Oklahoma includes chasing where they can chase each other.

With Puppy Paws Salon and Spa, you will get all these activities for your dog to make those hours without you pleasant and helpful for them.