The Different Grooming Needs Of Your Pet Dog And Cat


Cats are know for their ability to clean themselves as much as for their hatred of water, but grooming is an essential part of feline care. You need pet grooming in Edmond that can effectively take care of all your cat’s needs. Though there are several grooming centers in Edmond that provide great grooming service, you need to look for one that can suit your cat. If your cat needs frequent baths or other pets in your household are suffering from flee infestation, grooming from an experienced service provider will relieve your furry friend from several problems.

If you can arrange for grooming services for your cat within your premises you can get several benefits. This will be helpful because cats are moody creatures and by nature do not like travelling. Plus you can get the job done at your convenient time without having to travel anywhere.

Pros of Cat Grooming at home
Your cat would love being pampered in the familiar surroundings. When at home, you can be with your furry friend all through the session. Plus, this also offers you an excellent opportunity to build a rapport with the groomer. If you and your pet feel relaxed during the grooming session, the effects will be much better.

Many people leave their pets for grooming at the grooming center while they catch up with other pending work. But, when you get the grooming done at home by an expert for pet grooming in Edmond you can watch the entire process and also make your cat feel less anxious.

Cat Grooming Services

You can get the following services from pet grooming in Edmond

  • A skilled groomer will shampoo and deep condition your cat’s fur. You can check with the groomer the type of shampoo they use and may ask for a natural shampoo that is good for irritated skin.
  • Shampoo can be used or a topical flea treatment can be given which can keep away fleas at least for a month.
  • Nail trimming, nail filing to round out sharp edges.
  • A lion cut shave down to help your cat feel cooler during the summer months. Brushing is also added in the services which reduces shedding.
  • Suitable care for anal glands particularly if your cat has a chronic issue.
  • Eye and ear care for the cat including ear cleaning and cleaning tear stains.
  • Mobile Cat Grooming Considerations

Dog Grooming Service

Pet grooming in Edmond can be availed for complete grooming services for your canine. The services are meant to provide head to toe care to the dogs and leave them feeling happier and relaxed. Grooming forms an important part of your dog’s care and helps maintain the overall well-being of your dog. Taking your dog to a groomer in Edmond us a good idea.

You must avail the following services for your dog while signing for pet grooming in Edmond
Bath Services

Pet grooming in Edmond includes the following:

  • regular shampoo
  • medicated baths
  • deep conditioning
  • anti-shedding shampoo to prevent or arrest shedding

While regular shampoos are for everyone, the importance of medicated bath is great when your dog has some skin allergies or irritation. This soothes the irritated skin to a great extent. Ticks and fleas growth can arrested and can help aid the action of other medicines that your vet may ask you to use to deal with the problem. Conditioning keeps the fur soft and also keeps extra thick or long fur in good condition. Anti-shedding shampoos don’t exactly stop fur loss but reduces the rate of fur loss a great extent.

Style Cut and Coat Trim

Your pooch will need a haircut at regular intervals. Talk to your groomer and discuss the type of style or from would be the best for your dog. A professional and experienced groomer can suggest a haircut which will be easier to maintain or brush at home. If you have the time to maintain your pet’s style, you may go for more stylish cuts.

Paw Care

Pet grooming in Edmond can offer services that can keep your pet’s paws in good condition. The groomers will cut the nails and from the fur around the paws. If this is not done infections can develop in the paws due to overgrown nails and fur, stuck dirt between the toes can cause painful injuries to the paws.

Ear Care

An experienced groomer who has years of experience in grooming dogs knows canine ears filled with wax and hair can breed yeast and bacteria. Pet grooming in Edmond will involve cleaning the ears carefully and if there’s too much hair inside the ears, it will also be gently removed.

Eye Care

Removing tear stains that cause vision problems is an important part of grooming. Grooming will also keep the skin around the eyes clean and dry.

If your dog has tear stains, and many dogs do, don’t forget to sign your dog up for canine grooming eye care. Eye cleaning services will not only remove unsightly tear stains, but these services will also keep the skin around your dog’s eyes free of dirt and moisture.