Top 4 Tips to Get the Best Dog Daycare for Your Pet

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When you get a puppy, it becomes your family member. Like your child, you don’t want to compromise with any of its comfort and care. It is quite natural. But as most of us are working nowadays, it becomes impossible for us to stay with our beloved pet all the time. Leaving it home with food, water and toys is certainly not an option. Dogs are very sensitive, and they may fall sick for missing you for a long time. As you don’t want this to happen, you look for dog daycare for your pup to enjoy a good time in your absence. But how to get the best daycare? There are several companies offering the service of dog daycare in Edmond, OK, but before leaving your furry child with them, you need to research a bit. This blog contains top tips to find the best daycare for your dog. Continue reading for more important information.

Visit It by Yourself

It is better not to rely on others and visit the daycare on your own. Once you visit it, look at the other dogs staying there, the entire environment, the area, the training programs, the security system and the staffs. These will be helpful to know if the place is perfect for your pet. Know how many caregivers are there to attend to the dogs. Normally the ratio is 20:1 for attending the dog with all required things. Know the crate time of the dog. Look around the area. At least 1500 sq. feet area is needed for 20 dogs. As you know your dog, including its characteristic traits, none can be better to judge the place than you. If required, visit the place more than one time and make your decision.

If you find everything is too perfect and you have a hunch that your pup may not get comfortable with the environment, trust your gut feeling and skip the place.

The Activity Sessions

The training programs might be optional for the dog daycare in Edmond, OK. Mostly, with an additional fee, the daycare arranges a training session for your pup. Besides that, the educational playtime is needed rather it is imperative. Whereas the training session is for the pups, the educational engagements are for all age groups. It helps to stimulate the dog’s mind and also involves it in physical activities.

Disciplinary Training

Checking the discipline over the place, you may come to know if the place is suitable for your dog. As per the proper dog training process, the dog should be disciplined with positive reinforcement. The punishments cannot be an option. Ensure that the caregivers treat your dog the way he is used to. Dogs at day care should not be harmed during the disciplinary training process.

The References

Discuss with your friends and family about the dog daycare you are selecting for your dog. You can try to get feedback online and from people who have taken their service. The reviews will help you make the right decision.

Puppy Paws can be a reliable source to get a suitable dog daycare in Edmond, OK. You can trust them with the responsibility to take care of your dog so that you can get your dearie in a happy mood when you take it back with you.