Top 6 Items to Pack in the Dog Bag for Dog Boarding

dog bag

The dog boarding is a good option for the dog parents to enjoy an escape without leaving the dog at the neighbors’ or relatives’ house. In Oklahoma, people get this service often. The dog boarding is something where you will pay for your dog’s stay for your work time, a weekend or an entire week. If you are going on a trip where you can’t take your pet, or you are going out of town for some work purpose, you can be tension-free for its overall well-being. The dog boarding professionals will take care of your loving pet.

It is discussed how you should take your dog to the dog boarding in Oklahoma or how to find the right boarding. Now, it is time to learn what should be in the dog’s bag when you are taking it to the boarding for some days stay.

  • Food is a crucial part and you have to bear this in mind while taking your dog to the dog boarding. The professionals of dog boarding in Oklahoma learn the food habit, like and dislikes and other habits of your pet. Still, you should pack two types of food your dog loves to have for the stay. Labeling that food like breakfast, lunch and dinner you can keep in the dog bag. It will help your dog stay safe from stomach upset and eating other types of food it may not like. It will help your dog to have a homely feeling in that new environment.
  • If your dog is under any treatment or needs to take medicines or supplements on daily basis, you should pack that also. It is better to keep it in the bag for an emergency. Keep the medicines along with proper written instruction on its intake. It will help the dog not falling in trouble without your presence.
  • The dog daycare or the dog boarding in Oklahoma are compassionate about the dogs and are well equipped with the dog toys. But you should give the favorite toy of your dog along with the other items in its bag. Initially, in the new environment, it will help it to be comfortable.
  • Your dog will enjoy those days with the new friends at the boarding and you too in your own vacation, but you two will miss each other. To make it easy for your pet, you can keep anything with your scent. It can be your blanket, hanky or even socks.
  • Keep one leash with the dog to take it and bring it back from the boarding.
  • The documents regarding its vaccines, medicines, treatment, age, breed and everything else should be packed in the bag as well. It will help them to keep your dog healthy.

If you are planning for a trip, you should find a well-facilitated dog boarding for keeping your pet for those days. Puppy Paws Salon and Spa is one of the most reputed dog boarding homes in Oklahoma where you can rely on for taking care of your dog in your absence.