Why Positive Reinforcement in Dogs works?

Dog Training

Do you shut down if someone yells at you? Well dogs react the same way to negative communication. They don’t respond well to abusive treatment or any act that involves striking the animal or yelling – in short, this can lead to a sense of fear and in the long run can lead to depression. To avoid this, positive reinforcement is recommended to Edmond dog owners as an essential part of dog training.

What is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement works on the principle of praising or appreciating your dog for the different activities carried out by him. In the positive reinforcement style of dog training, you never strike, yell or punish your dog for any mistake committed by it. On the other hand, it promotes calm redirection, appreciation or praise. It involves rewarding the dog for the different activities that it does throughout the day. Don’t forget that your dog is a reflection of your behaviour. If you treat your dog well, it will love you unconditionally but if you treat your dog in a poor fashion, it will end up biting you.

Is there any science behind it?

Yes, there is, It works on the simple psychology that when dogs are exposed to a positive atmosphere they respond well whereas if they are ill treated they end up sad and depressed and lose self confidence and the ability to perform. There are many dog training centres in Edmond that offers positive reinforcement as part off their training curriculum. Choosing these quality training services will expose your dog to a positive environment for overall growth and development.