Why Socialization is Key to Your Dog’s Health

socialization among dogs

When you are a dog owner or are going to become one, keep in mind that puppies between the age of 8 to 12 weeks undergo a fear imprinting stage. Hence, it is vital that you get your dog socialized in order to avoid any kind of negative experiences. But what is this socialization all about and why is it important?

As the owner of a new puppy, you need to introduce your puppy to different experiences every day. Make sure that it will have a positive impact on him. Your aim should be to make your puppy comfortable both at home and at public. If you do not train him well, he might bark or be aggressive when meeting new people. This is neither healthy for your dog nor for others who come in close vicinity to him.?

What are the Socialization Principles?

The first and most important principle of dog socialization is that you should introduce your puppy to new people, situations and areas only when you are sure that you will be able to control him. As an owner, it is your responsibility to protect your dog and ensure that he grows up in a healthy atmosphere.

The second principle is to ask others to help you. When you are introducing your dog to new people, just don’t go ahead and introduce them. Inform the people that you are getting your dog socialized. Most people are willing to oblige. Don’t impose anything. And if your dog reacts in a negative way towards a particular person, don’t scold your dog. Instead ask the person to keep their distance.

Appreciate your dog’s positive response. This is the third principle. Whenever your pup shows any positive response, pat him, appreciate his actions, and give him a treat. Encourage him, in other words.

The fourth principle is to make your dog enjoy these new encounters. If you enjoy the process, your pup will pick up the positive vibes and enjoy these encounters. Pups are very sensitive to the signals that you send across.

The final and fifth principle is to understand why your pup is afraid of any interaction. Never force your dog under any circumstances. Make your dog feel that you have complete control of the situation and that there is nothing to fear about. Confidence helps to boost your dog’s morale rather than rebuking him.

Steps to Socializing Your Pup or Dog:

Interaction is the key to socialization: Always involve your pup in the different interactions. Make him a part of the group. Isolating the dog will only give rise to negative responses. As a social animal, dogs love to be a part of the group. They flourish better under these circumstances. When the dog gets the feeling that he is a part of your family and is a companion, he will automatically start socializing with other people and animals. A local professional dog groomer will be skilled in introducing young dogs to others. Grooming is a good opportunity to allow dogs to interact with people and other dogs in a safe environment and train them to be trusting.

Positive environment: Make sure that your dog is never teased or tormented by any of the family members or any other people with whom your dog is interacting. Caging or chaining your dog for extended periods can cause stress and lead to more aggressive behavior.

Rewarding: If you want your dog to socialize properly, always reward him for his positive actions (as already mentioned).

Socializing with other dogs: This can be ensured during play time! However, if you find that one dog is growling or feeling threatened, always intervene. Don’t assume that they will sort out between themselves. On the contrary, it encourages dogs to attempt to fight in defense. From these experiences a puppy will develop a sense of fear and will not socialize with other dogs in the future.

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