Why Your Dog Needs Regular Grooming

dog bathing

Pet owners know the significance of pet grooming sessions. Some prefer to groom their pets themselves whereas others use a professional service. There are many pet grooming salons in Edmond that offer quality services, but many pet owners aren’t convinced it’s worth the money. Here are some reasons pet grooming is important:

  1. A clean dog is a healthy dog – for your family as well. Dogs roll in nasty stuff. They track in dirt and dust. Their skin sheds dander and hair. Then we pet them, hold them, allow them to snuggle with the kids and even get on furniture. Without regular grooming or at least bathing, dogs can introduce some pretty gross elements into your home.
  2. Matted fur can cause skin problems and hide underlying health problems. We once had a dog owner tell us she found a three-pronged fishhook in the coat of her collie; though that’s an extreme example, keeping a dog’s coat clean can prevent skin infections, flea and tick infestations, and pain from matted fur. A clean, brushed and maintained reduces the time it takes to shed the winter coat and also helps the vet identify underlying health concerns such as lumps and growths under the skin.
  3. Regular professional grooming allows your groomer to understand your dog’s normal health status, helping to spot changes in health early. Dogs age much faster than humans, which is why semi-annual vet checkups are recommended. However, monthly visits to a professional dog groomer can allow an experienced person to keep an eye on your dog’s health and behavior to note changes well before you see the vet next.
  4. Neglected nails can cause scratches, damage, and pain to the dog. As a dog’s nails get longer, they become susceptible to splitting, especially now that they walk on hard floors and pavement so often. Splitting or cracking nails can lead to infection and pain. Moreover, long nails can scratch hard wood floors and even human skin. The hair growing between toepads can also collect stickers and debris.
  5. Well-maintained dogs are more likely to be returned to their owners if lost. If a dog is found, the first sign that there is a concerned family out looking is its collar. Next, is whether it looks like it has been taken care of. Not only is good grooming a sign of a loving family, strangers are more likely to take your lost dog in and help find you if they believe the dog is clean and disease-free.
  6. A clean dog is a more enjoyable pet. Grooming helps a dog build trust in humans allowing for a deeper bond to develop with its family. Cleanliness also makes the family dog more snuggle-able, so owners will be happy to rub his belly when he asks. Well-groomed pets get more positive attention from others too, which is good for both mental and physical well-being.